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CSD Logistics
We’ve risen the bar of transparency level several times. introduced ePOD, transit details tracking online, quick track mechanism, are some examples. the latest - GPS based truck monitoring available online
  • Safety and security are crux at CSD Logistics.
  • Screening process for all fresh employees
  • Drivers background screening
  • Each vehicle is containerized ensuring secure transportation
  • Each container is sealed with single time usable seal

World class IT support
  • CSD Logistics’ tools online including ePOD, Virtual Cargo, Privileged Member lounge
  • New CIT tools include Quick Track, GPS mapping of the shipment, new-age Virtual Cargo Tracker, amongst other tools and downloads available online.s
IT Capability

CSD Logistics’ track and trace features are state of the art

  • Track & trace online
  • Track through e-mail
  • Track through mobile
  • Quick track solutions

Special features include:

  • Completely Web Based Tracking facility Scanned Image of Proof of Delivery - ePod
  • Scanned image of Proof of Delivery - ePod
  • This service is FIRST in the logistics history of India
  • Within 48-72 hours of delivery a proof of delivery is scanned and its acknowledgement is then uploaded on the web for client to view on the internet.
  • The images helps you check the receiver of the goods and confirm his receipt, you can also print, email, fax it for reference.
  • Along with your bill, fortnightly / monthly you can receive scanned images in full on a CD ROM and obviously save on the space, have convenience and security.
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